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pina to go by HEPRO®

Peeled and cut pineapple in less than 20 seconds


Manual placement of any pineapple • Positioning of a cup • Press button to choose between slices or pieces • Beginning of peeling process • The pineapple gets cored and peeled • A special knife cuts the fruit into sticks • At least the pineapple is cut into slices or pieces • “PINA to go” is ready to take away

Product specifications

  • Fresh peeled and cut pineapple in just 20 seconds
  • The customers choses via button: Slices or pieces?
  • Simple operation
  • Personalized design is possible
  • Varied application possibilities due to transportability
  • POS: Special shopping experienc
Connection values
Mains voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
System voltage 0,75 kW
Total height 1,955 mm
Total width 780 mm
Total length 670 mm
output up to 180 pcs/h*
* = depends on the filling
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RSS with new facelift at expoSE 2018

After last year's experience, the RSS comes with a new development: By a slight inclination in the stand, the rods move to the desired top and tail section. In addition, all pieces can now be sorted by a subdivision by head, middle, and tail. See for yourself!

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Asparagus diameter 8 – 32 mm
Asparagus length min. 100 mm
Performance up to 5.000 pieces per hour
Total height up to 1,035 mm
Total length 1,770 mm
Total width 700 mm

Third time's the charm, right?

The HSM-3000 peels white asparagus. The HSM-3000 G is used for green asparagus. And now the big sister appears on the market: The HSM-3000 JUMBO, for thick asparagus with a diameter of 18 – 42 mm.

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